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The Proposal

Collace Solar Limited solar farm will comprise solar panels mounted on racks and arranged in rows. The top of the panels would be around 3.5 m off the ground and would face south, at an angle of up to 30˚

  • Supply power directly into the grid, with an export capacity of up to 49.9MW (megawatts).
  • Potential to generate enough electricity (49.4GWh) to meet the needs of approximately 11,700* homes.
  • Offer a community benefit package that will be shaped by local people.
  • Offset approximately 10,300** tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • Contribute to meeting the Scottish and Government's 'net zero by 2045' and UK Government’s ‘net zero by 2050’ targets.

* DBEIS, regional and local authority electricity consumption statistics, sub-national electricity consumption statistics 2005 to 2020.